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Domestic violence cases are serious and well known in NSW, with 1 in 6 women, and 1 in 16 men being subjected to a form of domestic violence from a current or past partner according to the Australia Bureau of Statistics 2017, which is one of the many reasons you should seek legal representation by an experienced professional, to ensure that you have a well-organized and solid case, and do not become part of the recent statistic.

If you have been charged with domestic violence, family violence, breach of AVO (Apprehended Violence Orders) or of ADVO (Apprehended Domestic Violence Order), it is essential that you contact lawyers immediately, this can often be the defining factor of a successful case, as gaining legal advice can assist in giving you the knowledge required to not do or say anything unethical because it may affect your case further on.

This is where Ross Hill & Associate Solcitiors assist directly and professionally, with decades of experience within criminal law as specialized and leading professionals, and also offering urgent telephone advice 24 hours daily, you could not be in better hands.

Domestic Violence and What it Means

Domestic Violence is a wide term for varied forms of abuse within NSW, which is all covered under Crimes (Domestic and Personal Violence) Act 2007 (NSW). The multiple sections within the act cover a variety of circumstances and conditions involved to make up what is known as domestic violence.

It is best defined as a violent offence that occurs between people who are known to each other in intimate circumstances and are within a domestic environment, often on a shared property. Types of domestic violence in NSW can often be, but not limited to:

  • Sexual
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Verbal
  • Spiritual
  • Economic
  • Stalking

This is where having experienced lawyers is an invaluable asset, as they will cover every area for you within the act, examine the evidence and then advise accordingly to ensure you have the maximum benefit available for the success of your case in court.

What Consequences Could I Face?

Some of the outcomes that could result from these cases are.

Criminal Charges

Receiving a criminal record can often be devastating for people as it can show up on future police checks which will in turn affect job applications for that person. It can also affect your future travelling, as visa processes in countries will often require you to declare any criminal convictions. A criminal record can also affect the ability to work with children and any security license applications (firearms).

A person who is charged with a domestic violence offence or breaching an order (AVO/ADVO), if found to be rightfully incriminated can be possibly facing a prison sentence, hefty fines or both. This is why having an experienced lawyer is so crucial to your cause, as ultimately, the outcome of the case will continue to influence your choices every day after.

Child Custody

Having kids involved in this matter is always a heart-wrenching situation and requires tactfulness and compassion to all those involved, especially if a divorce or child support case is in progress.

People who are convicted of a Domestic Violence dispute can often be held back when it comes to custody of their kids.
If the court believes that they are at risk as well as the victim, then they may act accordingly to also provide protection for the children by removing them from the property.

Domestic violence can often be viewed or experienced as a child which is recognized as a form of child abuse, which could potentially result in the child being placed in out-of-home care due to extreme circumstances in the family home.

Consultation Strictly Appointment Only

How Common is Domestic Violence in Australia?

Australian Police have been estimated to be dealing with 5,000 domestic and family violence incidents a week, which breaks down to about 714 a day, and one every two minutes.

It’s a shocking report, with NSW rated within this statistic as the third highest in Australia for domestic and family violence incidents. The data was taken from police services and jurisdictions around the country, as there is no standard way for counting the amount of times police are responding to some level of domestic violence, and every jurisdictions definition of family/domestic violence is different. In another statistic according to the ABS in 2017, 1 in 16 men and 1 in 6 women have been subjected to physical and/or sexual violence by a current or ex partner.

Also 4.7% of men and almost 23% of women have experienced a form of emotional abuse from a current or previous partner since the age of 15. Regarding parenting children, ABS also shows more than 68% of mothers who had children in their care when they received violence from their partner said that their kids had either seen or heard it as well.

Some age brackets and other personal or economic factors can also make certain groups more subjected to a violent offence than others. Examples of domestic or family law incidents that the police can be called for:

  • Breach of an ADVO/AVO
  • Physical Harm
  • Sexual assault
  • Threatening Behaviour
  • Risk of children or partner being hurt
  • A suspected domestic/family law incident

At Ross Hill & Associates, we understand the difficulty within domestic relationships and within a family relationship dynamic when there is a problem, as well as the areas that must be discussed to reach a final understanding, this is why the criminal legal team are centred around creating a solution tailored to your situation and family needs.

Domestic Violence Towards Men

It is crucial to also remember that while women have experienced a higher degree of this than men, domestic violence is still an issue for both genders and has a significant impact on family values. The instances of violence against men are often under reported.

What is an ADVO?

More commonly known as an AVO (Apprehended Violence Orders) an AVO is actually split into two categories being

  • APVO (Apprehended Personal Violence Orders)
  • ADVO (Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders)

With 29,513 ADVOs granted in 2017 within New South Wales alone, it is an upwards spike from the 25,518 ADVOs granted in 2013, with the number progressing yearly. You can read more about these at the link above.

What to do if Arrested?

We are experienced and professional when it comes to dealing with family law and any police matters, if you find yourself in a situation where you have been arrested, it is vital that you inform the police that you intend to have legal representations and advice, and then accordingly book an appointment with our team to receive available options and important information regarding your arrest.

It is extremely important that you do not provide information to the police other than basic identity details until you have acquired appropriate legal representation.

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With domestic violence having serious charges laid, if not dealt with by the right person, it is imperative that quality legal advice is sought to ensure that your case has the best possible outcome in Sydney local court.

Domestic violence lawyers Sydney can ensure that your matter is dealt with professionally, efficiently and in a timely manner. With many years of experience in the business, we intend to prove ourselves time and time again. Visit our offices in Sydney CBD, or call our 24-hour line to speak with a friendly team member and receive fast and correct family law legal advice.


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